Monday, 4 March 2013


On Thursday the 28th of February at school, Mr Tucker showed the class a magic trick.

First the P.A. Bianca chose a volunteer to go at the back of the classroom and write a number for the magic trick between 1-63.

Jack wrote a special number and showed the class while Mr Tucker was counting in the corner for five seconds so he could not see the number.

When Mr Tucker got up to five seconds Jack hid the number and Mr Tucker took 6 cards out.

After that Mr Tucker asked Jack to get the cards and find the cards that had his number. Jack's number was 20 and was on two of the cards.

Mr Tucker counted the cards and then separated his fingers and waved his hands over the cards, and slapped the cards.

Then Mr Tucker gave a card to Lucy A and then she gave it back to him. He made sure that Jacks number was on the cards and then guessed the number. The number was 20.

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  1. I liked the way you said how Mr Tucker worked it out.