Monday, 4 March 2013

Maths Magic Trick

On Thursday the 28th of February at school Mr Tucker showed Room 8 a magic trick.

First the P.A. chose a volunteer. Bianca (P.A.) chose Jack for the magic trick. For the magic trick Jack had to go to the back of the classroom and write down a number between 1-63.

Afterwards, Jack showed the whole class the number for five seconds and then he shut the paper. Next Mr Tucker took 6 cards with numbers on and put it in his hand and shuffled the 6 cards.

Then Mr Tucker waved his hand over the 6 cards. After that Mr Tucker gave a card to Lucy A.

Soon Mr Tucker told Jack to give him the cards that had his number on them.

Mr Tucker guessed the first time and he got it correct. The number was 20.

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