Sunday, 3 March 2013

Maths Magic Trick

On Thursday morning Mr Tucker did a maths magic trick in Room 8 with Jack. Firstly Bianca the P.A chose Jack to be a volunteer.  Secondly Mr Tucker asked Jack to write any number from 1-63 on a piece of paper at the back of the class. 

Then Mr Tucker asked him to show the number to the students but not to show it to Mr Tucker. Then Mr Tucker let Jack see some number cards.  

Jack chose two number cards because they had his number on. Next Mr Tucker gave both cards to Lucy A. He let Lucy hold a card and give one back. Then Mr Tucker guessed the number. The number was twenty.

By Amelia

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  1. I liked how you put firstly and secondly. Maby next time you could put more information about how he guessed it. Did you think it was amazing when he guessed the number?