Thursday, 3 October 2013

Caroline's Folk Tale

Caroline wondered why two of the planets in our solar system don't have any moons when some planets have many moons.

After not finding much information to answer her wondering she crafted her own folk tale to explain why.

Read the story and watch the video below of Caroline reading to the class.

Why Mercury and Venus have no Moons

It is a lovely day in Wonderland. Alice called to her dad. Her dad said, “Don’t forget Alice, I am going to space.”
Alice replied, “Who’s space?  And when? What? Why? How?”

Her dad said, “Space is a place where there are lots and lots of stars and planets.” Alice just skipped to her room, and BANG! The door slid shut. Her dad jumped in his spaceship, and of course, he didn't forget his space suit!

He shot into space and climbed out of the space ship. He wanted some moons. Mercury and Venus were the closest planets so he climbed out of the spaceship and grabbed their two moons.

He headed back to his house and threaded the moons on Alice’s shiny necklace. Alice wore it and she LOVED it. That’s why Mercury and Venus have no moons!   

By Caroline


  1. Caroline that was amazing and unique story compared to all the other videos. I like your's the best!

  2. Caroline I love your story it is cool . I love the way you discrived how that Alice did not know about space