Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome to the Room 8 blog for 2013.

Today, our first day of school, we discussed our classroom  furniture and 'built' our learning environment together.

We talked about having spaces in our class for working by ourselves, in pairs and in small or larger groups.  The students decided where to put the furniture and how it should all go together.

We have a selection of thin tall tables, larger low tables, chairs, stools, cushions and a bean bag.

By the afternoon, the students had placed our furniture in the class where we think it might work.  We know that we may have to move things around as we go -  to suit our learning.

We decided on a comfy reading corner with a bean bag and cushions, some tall tables around a maths area, some tall tables together for a small group and some tall tables by the window for individuals or pairs.


  1. I really love how your class is thinking about the learning environment and the impact it will have on their own learning. I'm interested to find out what everyone will end up deciding to put on the walls to enhance learning.

    Keep up the great work room 8!

  2. Great start! I like it.

  3. This is awesome! All the best to room 8